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Always East

After some time apart from the music scene, it’s time to come back. Making music is a part of who I am. And it’s fun as hell.


Always East is me, Ignasi Calvo, musician and producer from Barcelona. Half part and keyboardist of electronic pop band Bearlin from 2003 to 2013.

With this project I plan to publish all those songs composed before, during and after the lifespan of Bearlin but were never released. Also, Always East is the place for new songs, new compositions, that may come out and be published in this single format.

I’ve decided to release all the music as singles, sometimes with a B-Side or a demo version. Sometimes songs are so unconnected between them that doesn’t make sense to put them in an album. It also gives more freedom to publish whenever a song is ready.

Times have changed a lot for the music scene. It’s time to break the conventions about the music creation and distribution. It’s time for just making music, for the pleasure of just making music.

Let’s play!

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